I need to see a pic of the General


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i cant seem to put a face with the poster..Also Ken can i spend a few nights over your house, seems like a fun place.

The General

Another Day, Another Dollar
Hey guys, if you had my looks, um well. uh, hmmm....

you would be safer from an STD. :+thumbs-2

It is hard enough to get a look from a girl, let alone a feel.


The General

Another Day, Another Dollar
He is correct JJ. When in Japan, the mafia shipped in Thai girls for 6 month pumps. $20 for 2 time fun (suky/fuky). Must be less back in Thai. It is bad though. These girls are forced into the business or their families will be made to suffer. I used to sit in bars late night talking to a handful I connected with in Japan. I would just sit and pay for their drinks while they shared their stories. Only a handful, but they were sincere. As long as you were spending, the papasan didn't care what they talked about. $10 for a glass of water and some company.