IBH'S MLB Opening Day

I had a horrible NBA Basketball season. Hopefully I can turn things around here in the bases forum. It's a long season so I will try to play no more than 5 games max a day. My plays are going to be between 1-5 units. Best of Luck to everyone this season.

3 units
LA Angels -160

2 units
Chicago Cubs -115

1 unit
Washington Nationals +148
Texas Rangers +114


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Re: IBH'S MLB Opening Day

Im just curious but how does that add up to 5.14 units. Im kind of new to the whole units things and i want to keep track of myself. But i dont count 5.14 units.

3 units on fist bet but you only won about 1.9 with the -160

2 units on the second and you only won at most 1.7 with the -115

then u lost 1 unit on washington

then u won 1.14 units

so that adds up to 3.74

to me that doesnt add up. is there something im missing

Any help would be great.