IDENTITY 1H Monday BOMBS (ytd 13-8-1, +25.95 units)

Normally I would be a mean FROG for ripping off my closing. But it is the sincerest form of flattery so without the attack you always expect, what are the units my dear?

Best Wishes...OF:)
the size of our units are as follows:

5 units: LOCK AND LOAD/UNLOAD/IDENTIFIER/VERY HEAVY (and derivatives of these

4 units: G.O.Y./HEAVY
3 units: LARGE
2 units: MEDIUM
1 unit: SMALL
Now you have names for unit amounts? Oy vey. dog1

Good luck anyway.
Did not know I needed a glossary of Identity betting terms. Total steamed all the way to 41. Overs have been clicking on the prime timers. NFL says scoring up. I'm just not up to full time speed yet. Still loafin and chillin. Sept 1 is the back to 16 hour days. Seriously ID, I wish you luck here at EOG. I miss our AI thread and am ready to invest this season. GL/GB

Best Wishes...OF
omni - great to see you posting again sir. let's make a killing in football this year and we will once again cash on idol.... good luck, sir.

Best Wishes...IDnono
ok guys, we are getting off our original dallas play.....seneca wallace much better than henson.

sea -3 +105 2h

sea/dall under 17.5