IF this doesnt motivate the Braves today...

Sliders were close but they were still balls. A ball is a ball.

But for some reason it might be one of those games. They have seen each other so much. Flaherty gonna get tagged too. I didnt think about that.


The opening odds start here
That's the first time I could actually say that pro actually took the words out of my mouth. Boy was I sorry I just tuned in only now.
And he good Lord Gamblor did decree
That the First F5 and game Totals in this game
Shall both be decided

Before the Home team even bats.

And the Braves fans at the game wonder if they should stay.
And the Braves ticket holders wonder if to rip.
And the Over bettors now will wait for Eternity to cash
While the Under bettors are still in shock.

And the TV Producers wonder how long the game will last.
This is still going to be one of those games. There will be an inning where Atlanta goes ham. We are in the 2nd inning.

This isnt your typical 10 to 0 game. Flaherty already showed nerves with that 1st. Atlanta will get to him.
Yeah. Atlanta Braves are done as a franchise. There has to be an entire shake up on the roster.

Their best player doesnt give a crap about anything which probably rubs off on teammates.
It will all crumble this offseason too. Freeman will leave. I give him the benefit of the doubt because he is probably injured.

Entire roster will be gutted. franchise changing games here.
When you perform the way you did throughout this series, nobody can sit there and say it was all just bad luck. There is a disconnect and something off within this team. Acuna might put up stats but he also might be a fraud.