INDY+1 NBA FOR 5*****

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almost as bad as N.Illinois tipping a pass on 4th and 20 right into Miami's hands.
then next play giving up a touchdown.2348ji23e
2 bad nights back to back.


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Anybody that took +1 on this game should quit gambling. Following steam playing bad #s is a recipe for disaster.
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hey Newsport it take a big guy to come into a post after the game and tell what to do.Next time let me know before game the correct
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I play the games the way i have for 25 yrs and it make me money over the season.take your science somewhere else
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It's obvious you will never learn, but I'm worried about those poor souls that follow you.
No one follows him save to fade......He's used software that hides his IP addy to create numerous back-slapping IDs over the years.....easily recognizable by their having just a couple hundred posts or less.

don't wag the boy out too much or he'll stop "helping us out"


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Lots of things here. Firstly CK posted a true line which doesnt happen often on here. As an updated line the steam has been desperate in the NBA up to now but that has nothing to do with CKs pick. If people want to follow CK that is their perogative, personally I just like seeing everyones opinion and thats what these Forums are really about. Once again, to me CK posting an up to date line gives him great credibilty for a post, the result is inconsiquential :cheers
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Manny really not sure what you problem is but i have never use anything over the yr in any sports forum to hide my ip.If you are so bad that no=one give you any praise im sorry but you are 100& wrong and go back and lick Wil balls......It amazing these punks are so dam jeaous of people on the