Interesting rule in Costa Rica for pick-up basketball games

John Kelly

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Here's a good rule for 3-on-3 half-court hoops:

The ball is live after a made basket.

So if Team A scores a basket, Team B is in possession of the ball as soon as it clears the net.

Team B must take the ball beyond the three-point line to clear it, but there are no "check balls."

Keeps everyone on their toes and improves the flow of the game.
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John Kelly

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One thing I've learned about pick-up basketball at La Sabana Park in San Jose, Costa Rica: Gringos get fouled with a little more force.


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Horrible rule. You got a PG contesting a 3P and just keeps running off the miss. Big man rebounds and chucks outlet to PG who is already 3/4 down court. Easy layup nullified.