Is the End of Self Efficiency here for Americans???


EOG Master
Since I'm a talk show host I feel it's my responsibility to find things to worry about. OK .. so maybe it's things to gripe about. Call it what you will, but I spend a good bit of time observing the passing scene trying to see trends that might be worthy of attention or discussion on the show. That brings me to Katrina, Wilma and Philadelphia. Those are just a few examples of a trend that's been evident for decades, but seems to be accelerating to dangerous levels in recent years ... the movement toward more and more dependency on government and the end of self-sufficiency.
It wasn't all that surprising in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to see so many of Katrina's victims demanding increased levels of response from government. Many of these Katrina victims have been relying on government for their entire lives. New Orleans had one of the highest levels of citizens on welfare in the country. These are people who have squandered their American birthright to become little more than parasites-with-rights. Now they've been scattered to the four corners, and their demands for more and more government attention haven't abated. About ten days ago I told you of a story in the local paper of one Atlanta evacuee named Rolanda. She was living in a free hotel room with her baby and her boyfriend (no word on whether or not the boyfriend was also the babydaddy). All this woman was concerned about was finding a way to continue her free ride. The story was several thousand words long, and not one single reference to the poor, poor pitiful Rolanda looking for work!
Then came Wilma. This was one slow-moving hurricane. It was first estimated to reach Florida on a Saturday. It arrived three days late, and still people weren't ready. As soon as Wilma passed we heard people in South Florida whining and complaining about the lack of government assistance. These people did little or nothing to prepare. They didn't stock up on water or food. They didn't even fill their cars with gas. Then, after the hurricane came through, they started complaining. Where's my government water? Where's my government food? Where's my government gas? I want price controls! I want more government!
Where does Philadelphia come in here? Transit workers are on strike in Philly. They don't want to pay 5% of the cost of their own health care. As I wrote yesterday, health care is someone else's responsibility, not theirs!
Take a look at your local newspaper today ... a close look. Read every story. See how many stories feature people looking to the government for a solution to some personal difficulty. Compare the number of those stories to the number of stories of people who actually accept responsibility for their own lives and use their own talents to solve their own problems. Then you call the program and tell me you don't see a problem with self-sufficiency in this country.
And the politicians smile.