Islamics are not Terorists....Please Read


EOG Master
DID I SAY "ISLAMIC" TERRORISM?Why golly! It would seem that I did! I actually said the "I" word in connection with terrorism. I've been known to use the "M" word as well. The "M" word, as in Muslim.
Though these incidents aren't featured in today's program notes, let's just remind you of a few things before we move on to the reading assignments:
The people who shot those school children in the back in Chechnya were ... Muslims.
The people who cut off the heads of those Christian school girls in Indonesia were ... Muslims.
The sniper who terrorized the Washington beltway area a few years ago was a .... Muslim.
The people who flew those jets into the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon were ... Muslims.
The people who invaded those American-built schools in Baghdad and killed the teachers were ... Muslims.
The so-called "pirates" who attacked that Miami-based cruise ship off the coast of Africa were ... Muslims.
The people who are rioting in Paris, shooting at police and paramedics, are ... Muslims.
The people who are rioting and burning cars in Germany are ... Muslims.
One of the first things you should do if you want to stay alive and healthy is to identify the people out there who want you dead. Pay attention.