It ends tomorrow

Cal has beat Oregon 10 in a row, that is what Don best shows, it may be more than 10 I don't know. But Oregon wins this one. Oregon Pk. coach mismatch.
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Re: It ends tommorrow

Oregon not very good at home. Cal decent at home. You're betting a coin flip, just so you know.
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Rail- you know those cal poly so, cal irvine cal whatver teams- People should pay attention and as I have asked JK, Wed and Fri nights Railbird should always have some segment on the show. On just those goofy schools only he follows I know he is hitting about 65%. I play them religiously each weekas long as I can find them.
People take shots which is their right, but you cannot discount his CBB "never heard of" schools selections.


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Re: It ends tommorrow

Re: It ends tommorrow

If you win 62% of the time, why would you feel the need to come up here and past post games? Something doesn't sound right here.
You would have thought a guy winning 62% wouldn't have quit in the middle of football season and slow pay a guy
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Awesome- hard for us Michigan folk to stay awake but worth it or catch it in the A.M. The end of last night's show was cut off for me at least. Any selections made by Dink, you or guests?