James jeopardy

Nice scam tho, buzzer use to be audible and sajak wouldnt finish reading question, nor was it written on screen in old school, he is using loop hole


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This is one of those stupid threads he starts to get attention, that moron would be lucky to answer 1% of the questions asked, let alone 10%
Only rail could criticize the best, most dominant player in the 40+ year history of the game show that probably requires the highest IQ of all time.

James is fastest buzzer pusher in jeopardy history, is good w question portion also but not top 10percentile. 1980s jeopardy partcipants much sharper than today


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He had a great line last night after the Canadian gal answered (correctly) the Final question.....'the Canadian schools did
a good job'

Plus lol at calling out two Dimes....."that's two thousand Alex"
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