James Wiseman ruled ineligible


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Saw it come across the screen, quickly took the dog +19.5, interested to see how much it drops, right now I'm seeing 17.5's


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Just came across the screen he's playing tonight, I was able to lay 17.5, I'd love to hit the middle, line shooting back up
UPDATE: A Shleby County judge has put a hold on the NCAA’s ineligibility ruling pending further litigation, per Wiseman’s attorney. He is eligible to play tonight against UIC.


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Why would they play him tonight? It's a clear violation what Penny did. They're going to forfeit games he plays.


The opening odds start here
Just breaking now. A Wise-man in the NCAA once said, he has to donate the $11,500 he received from his mother, provided by a Penny for your thoughts, to charity along with an 11 game suspension. He's not going to need the NCAA anyway as much as they need him.
So does he have to pay the $11,500 before he is eligible again or will they wait until he signs his pro deal?

This is a joke.

Why don't colleges have a major called "professional athlete"? This is a guy that will have $11,500 in his socks in less than a year.