Jay's rally thread


what a dumb fucking move by sciosa...the guy is 3-3 and u try to get cute when a fly ball scores a run, what a douche


lol unreal.. how.. thats all i can say---- angels have blown chances in the 7th, 1st and 2nd no out=no runs 8th- runner on 3rd 1 out=no runs 9th 1st and 3rd no outs= no runs

how how how
Great job of pitching by the Jays/Horrible hitting by the Angels. I would flip if i was on the Angels right now.


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MCP said:
and you had no business winning this game. GL

correct once that game goes into the pens it should have been all angels unreal i play 1st five to avoid pens and i would have had to sweat out 1st and 3rd no outs what a joke and scott downs pitching:hung