Jerry Sloan Dies At 78

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Artis Gilmore took Jacksonville University the the NCAA Championship Game in the 69/70 Season, Losing to John Wooden's U.C.LA. Team.

He's #1 in College Hoops for Career Rebounding Average at 22.7/ Game

Great nickname in Chicago for Artis Gilmore.

The A-Train.

Takeoff on the A train/B train system of elevated stops.

Gilmore was all-force with very little finesse.

Never got his footwork right.

Candidate most likely to be called for a traveling violation.

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Bloom Township played in the SICA North Conference with my high school (Thornwood).

This pandemic-shortened season, Bloom produced FIVE Division I players.

Two are going to Tulsa, one to Minnesota, one to Milwaukee and the best of the lot, or so I hear, is headed to Cal-State Fullerton.

Dante Maddox Jr. is the player who will attend Winky's alma mater.


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The Chicago pipeline put Mizzou basketball on the map during Stewart's tenure.
Illini hoops really went down the tubes when Self left. The inner city really pushed for Henson's assistant Jimmy Collins to get the job after Lou retired. When he didn't get the job, the Public League basically pushed their players away from U of I.

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Players from Detroit who attended the University of Missouri under Norm Stewart: Lynn Hardy, Lee Coward, John McIntyre, Nathan Buntin and - the best of the bunch - Doug Smith.