JJ East Coast money???


EOG Veteran
Which way is it flowing on the Auburn game tonight? I need to follow those wiseguys in Jersey to get out of the trap tonight. Could you check on it for me if you can find the time?
Here are the figures...............as of now

Heavy money on Pitt

Heavy money on G tech

Heavy Money On Cards in bases

This relfects only 3 Cities in East


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Thanks for the update Coach.

I need your help Coach. I'm barreled in like you wouldn't believe. I need a play to get out of this mess.

Give me your best Skippy. Please?


EOG Veteran
Small? Small you say? I don't need small Skippy I need supersized. Tuesday is creeping up and I don't want to pay my man, I want to get out of the trap.

Find me something I can fire big on Coach.

Come on Skippy