JJ Gold


EOG Veteran
Good luck this football season to you Skippy. Don't lose your mind becasue of all of the craziness that's going on in the world. Stay off tilt my friend.
I am focused Hitter.

I take stands on political issues also and try to get Gov't to listen. I called White House today saying who I was (they probably laughed) but said it anyway and told them to step up relief efforts.

Good Luck Hitter


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You are a true American with a huge heart. We called this shit 3 days ago while other people were posting how the looters should have been shot. It seems as if most know now what we knew then and just how awful this situation has become.
We did call this Hitter, I knew this was one of the greatest disasters in World History and now it is really showing.

Thank You CNN for showing the Nation what a tragedy this is and showing how this people need help and now.