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He got shot and arrested for soliciting a prostitute all in the same year, i believe. I think that would be a poor year by most peoples standards. ffw his life and he is now wearing the number 7 to symbolize seven days of hard work a week and he is putting up double doubles like his name is Junior Hairston.
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Shitcoins are valued at 30 cents a piece. I recommend you start using them instead of the low quality/value clyde coins.

I could use some shitcoins, im going to need something to gamble with while out in vegas for 5 days and nights.

How does one go about acquiring these coins.
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Ill start you off with 50 of them, and you will earn them as you go along. Let me know when you would like to cash out. I realize that wont get you far in Vegas though, so you might need to find some alternate funds for that.