Joey's 50 pick thread- over 50% or BUST !



Since this whole 50 pick challenge thing is all the rage over here at EOG I decided to do one myself. Given my last challenge in which I beat Meatman despite only hitting 37%, I felt I had to redeem myself. As I mentioned in Dr POS69's thread, I will take bets against me from BigD, Rusty Ted, and the dog slayer himself, POS69. I will put up an xbet on matchbook as to whether or not I will hit 50% over 50 games. I will use 5dimes and post my each ticket so there is no question about the lines I'm using being legit. (see that, doc death, thats called being honest and not angle shooting you fat fucking scumbag) I will gladly also put up some $ against PO where he has to do the 'truffle shuffle' if he loses, same goes for BD.
Re: Joey's 50 pick thread- over 50% or BUST !

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Re: Joey's 50 pick thread- over 50% or BUST !

Joey how much could i get for posting a video doing that?

i weigh over 400lbs

you guys would get a good laugh out of it.


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Re: Joey's 50 pick thread- over 50% or BUST !

This wont make you relevant in the forum world again Joey. No one gives a damn about you anymore, cant you see that??

And 50%? What kind of shit is that?? Of course you can pick 50%, you need to make it a higher %. No one except timelyshitting would finish too far below .500. You have to raise the %. Like you need to hit 27 out of 50 plays