John Beilein leaving Michigan to coach the Cavs

John Kelly

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Keep an eye on Luke Yaklich.

He's the defensive guru on the Michigan staff who joined the team two seasons ago.

Before Yaklich's arrival, Michigan's defense under Beilein was the weak link.


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I haven't been in Ohio that long but the Browns lap the field in local interest with the Indians a distant 2nd. The Cavs have been eased. The positive for Beilein is if they suck, nobody will know......or care.


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My Doc is a Michigan Alum. I saw him today, Wednesday May 15. When i saw him the first thing I asked him was how could he explain what Beilein did. We understand there are only about 125 Pro HC jobs out there but since when is going from Michigan to the Cavs a step UP! There is a 0% chance Beilein lasts more than 3 years so he will get a 2-year "golden parachute" if he chooses to retire after being fired. At Michigan he can compete for a NCAA Title every season - or just about every season. If he makes the Playoffs with the Cavs that would be cause for celebration.

This makes no sense at all.