John Kelly, please Make EOG Great Again

JK couldn't handle the challenge of tough times it seems. He's probably whimpering in the corner of Railbird's cave begging for some drugs to make it all go away.

Juan Marichal

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Javy over at Peeps.
I hired him as my lawyer once. Contacted him via PM, then went to see him at a motel room in Chicago. His secretary, or girl friend, or something answered the door. She had a red oval completely covering her face. Javy (not his real name) was on the bed in his underpants. There were beer cans on the floor and he'd been crying and he was bleeding through a straw stuck in is nose. He send Ms. Oval out for coffee. I had to give her 10 bucks as he said he only had credit cards. It was a traffic case, and he wanted 20 bucks and a gram of coke. I gave him the 20, got some novacaine from my sister, who is a pharmacist, and met him at the courthouse the next day. I went with him to the can and he laid out a couple of monsters on the back of the toilet and he horked one down each nostril. He said "Man, good stuff, want some" I said, no, I didn't and said we'd better get to the court. I dusted off his MAGA shirt as the white was showing up on the red.

We have to wait our turn for an hour. He had no suit, the MAGA shirt, and what appeared to be the oval faced woman's shorts on. He was wearing those Dutch wooden clogs, but they were both for the left foot. He kept whispering, "man, that was good shit, my face is freezing. Where you get it? I said I got it from Raiders, another poster I knew. He mumbled something like "I nodeds him two". Finally, my case was called. He stood up and could barely speak, he called the judge "You Royal Highness" and the judge asked him if he'd been drinking. He mumbled something that the judge took to be yes. He asked the bailiffs to remove Javy, and I decided to plead guilty. $50 fine.

He came to Vegas about six months later. This time HE was wearing the red oval. He gave me his business card back in Chicago. He has some kind of Irish or native Indian name. The address was the room in the motel. Phone number worked though. He asked if I could get him some more of that coke. I got the novocaine. I introduced him to my brother Pedro, the security guard who busted Meatman with the Pillsbury cans up his ass from the Walmart deli. They went to the Circus Circus, and security stopped him and said he couldn't wear a red oval in the casino, especially one with two straws sticking through holes right in front of where his nostrils were. He fought them, and they ripped the mask off and made him stay outside. He started doing an act where he let passers by butt their cigarettes on his cheeks for $20. Didn't faze him, and in 20 minutes, he had over 300 bucks and what appeared to be a very serious case of the measles. Security called the cops and they hauled him off, screaming, 'I'm a fucking lawyer" with the cops once tasering him in the chin, and one of the guys who had stubbed a cigarette on his face, said "Try the balls". The cop did and he quieted down.

Someone said Fishhead put up his bail and he went back to the motel.

Was he well liked here? He should fit right in with that crowd at Peeps.
I don't do drugs or drink either. neither does Trump
Are we winning yet? Is pathological lying a trait of a great leader?

Do you want your President to be a great cheerleader. Trump says "I'm a great cheerleader".

Trump also said "its not my fault I fwcked Stromy without a condom, she was supposed to have one".


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Mr. Kelly please un-sticky The EOG Octagon thread. There will not be any more sports for a couple of months. We need to have more space for active threads. Thank you.