John Kelly...The Meatman's YouTube channel is blowing up

Might be a good time to hit him up for a dinner and he picks up the tab.

His videos are getting close to 1,000 daily views. Has 3,156 subscribers.

He might be able to afford the good weed for the upcoming football season.

For some reason, he stopped posting his record in his daily description.

Boy, I wonder why that is.

Why would he STOP posting his record?

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I haven't heard that name in a few years. I just assumed he moved back home to New Orleans to live in his parents 1970's decorated home & was working as a food vendor for Tulane & Saints games to pay for his weed..
You can find The Meatman at one of three places...the bar, the window or church.
He hasn't been shy about his use of weed and getting ladies due to his connections/ability to get drugs.

He also wears a rosary with a big cross around his neck in his videos to imply a good person appeal.
meatman had a radio show in the early and mid 2000s. I remember listening to it once in awhile I think it followed Feist/Cokin but it was on the air in 2003 and 04 at least.