June 14th Baseball

Toronto Stat on a (+10) winning streak vs Boston on (-5) losing streak

Over the last 8,327 MLB games (16,654 sides) - only 13 teams have had a (+10) winning streak.

They are (4-9) winning their next game (31%)

And when facing an opponent on a (-3/more) losing streak they are (0-3).

(No +10 team has faced a team on a -5 losing streak)


EOG Dedicated
Re: June 14th Baseball

Interesting numbers but the biggest shock is that Toronto is a dog in the game. Normally if you had a 10 game win streak and you were facing a team on a 5 game losing streak, the price would likely be at least -200. But Toronto is (shockingly) still an underdog. But the real dog is the Red Sox, who just suck and are overrated.