Just A Matter Of Time....


EOG Master
Steeler Qb Trubisky finds the bench. The Pickett chants are already starting in PIT.

Pickett will definitely provide a more vertical game.


EOG Master
NE put PIT fans out of their misery of watching Trubisky maneuver a two minute offense
for the win by running out the clock.


EOG Master
Bears had to literally cut the field in half for him......making reads for only half of the field.....he cant read defenses or go thru progressions unless the steelers put in some miracle offense that allows him to process the entire field

John Kelly

Born Gambler
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I thought the season in Buffalo, watching Josh Allen and getting coached up by Brian Daboll, would pay dividends for Mitch Trubisky.

Unfortunately for the Steelers, Trubisky is still Trubisky.