Just won a bounty tourney in miraculous fashion :)


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Had Q's against K's against a guy who had 156 chips less than me. After the flop 6 4 2 he pushed all-in and I hesitantly called. His hand holds up and he wins a pot of about 14g.

That leaves me with 156 chips, and in 86/86 place in a tourney of about 200. I fold the next hand then go all-in with 8-9 suited from 2nd position after the BB. The rest of the table folds to the BB, who surprisingly (and stupidly I would say), folds to a 6 chip raise (blinds 75-150), leaving just the caller from 1st position after BB. My 8-9 ends up winning against a K-10 to get me to ~600. Get AK next hand and I beat 2 callers to get to ~2100. 3 hands latter I get Jacks and triple up again through the same 2 idiots who played like 75% of the hands they got dealt. End up getting to the final table and win a huge pot of about 100k with AA vs. AJ & AQ. Finally make it to heads up with the other guy having about 200k and me having about 120k. After a few hands and staying at about the same stack, I get KQ and calls his raise of 3x the BB. Hit trip Q's on the flop. Both check the flop. Let him bet the turn (40k in a pot of about 50k), then raise because of 2 flush draws on the board and an inside str8 draw to get the pot. That gave me about a 200k to 120k advantage. Next hand, I get A-8 and raise to 20k (2.5x BB). He calls and flop is 9cKhAc. I bet out 20k again and he calls. Turn card is an 8h. I bet out 40k and he insta-calls. River card is a 5 of clubs and he goes all-in for the remaining 60k he has (he was first to act). After toiling over whether to call or not (because the way he played his hand screamed of having the flush), I end up making the call and see that he has Kc2d and win the tourney.

Quite the comeback IMO, just wish the tourney was more than $5 buy in. Still, $210 + $15 or so off bounties is pretty solid :houra
Re: Just won a bounty tourney in miraculous fashion :)

A tourney of about 200 with a $5 buyin only paid $200 to first place?

nice win
Re: Just won a bounty tourney in miraculous fashion :)

Money's lost to the bounties.

Great job with the comeback.