North Korea Turning to Cryptocurrency Schemes in Global Heists, U.S. Says
Justice Department charges North Koreans hackers in wide-ranging scheme that included attempts to steal $1.3 billion for Pyongyang

Cardano News

1. #1 cryptocurrency on social media.
2. Grayscale filed for Cardano.
3. Smart contracts launching soon.
4. Cardano with be able to convert ETH smart contracts lowering fees and increasing speed.
5. Made a deal with Africa that will bring in 100 million new users.
6. Finance without banks in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Ethiopia.
7. Everything will be fully decentralized.
8. Binance added staking.
Cardano will be the new King.
Coinbase Mafia Shows How Tight a Circle Holds Sway Over Bitcoin

  • Most of the U.S. crypto power players have links to exchange
  • Bored at work, Ehrsam traded Bitcoin from Goldman’s bathroom

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VeVe (on App store) Ecomi NFTs will be huge. Alfred Kahn has been scooping up licenses for 2 years and they include NFLPA. He's the one that obtained the licenses for Pokemam, Cabage Patch Kids and Teenage Muntant Turtles. Last week there were 6,000 users and this week 11,000. I'm buying the token OMI at Bitforex and the digital images.
Bitcoin Rises After China Region Declares War on Crypto Mining

  • Inner Mongolia plans to shut all such operations by April
  • China is home to some of the world’s biggest crypto miners

I need this garbage back up in the 52k range. I kept scalping during the upswing - would buy and dump and re-buy in and dump again, and repeat. But then in a dip down into the 52k range i bought, waiting on a spike and it never happened. I should've bailed at 50k, but have just held, sitting and waiting it out.

I wish I wasn't working this morning and not having my phone near by, i missed it good potential early today. It was down in the 45k range and then spiked up to 49 something.