Keep Gitmo Open!


The Munchkin Man invites all patriotic Americans to support the following cause:

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Finally, the Munchkin Man invites you to listen to Mitch McConnell weigh in on this subject of Gitmo:

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You tell 'em, Mitch!

Munchkin Man
Re: Keep Gitmo Open!

* Robert Fisk: Torture does not work, as history shows

FBI interrogator: Torture doesn't work, breeds jihad

Why Torture Doesn't Work <!-- end: headline --> <!-- start: byline --> By Brig. Gen. David R. Irvine,

In 2006, Newsweek Reported Torture Does Not Work

"This agency does not do torture. Torture does not work," Goss said.

* Proof! Torture Does NOT Work!
Re: Keep Gitmo Open!

Is Mitchy still in bed with that British Arms dealer?

McConnell was caught earmarking $25 million for a British armsmaker, BAE

McConnell has taken at least $53,000 in campaign donations from BAE's political action committees and employees since his 2002 re-election." He is suspected of having taken hundreds of thousands of dollars under the table