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Where does the market think Laker scoring will come from with some of these openers?

It takes two to tango.

Think only one over since LeBron absence.
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Haven't they been a under machine on the road all season?
You're probably right. I've only been playing their totals recently. But their number usually hovers between 225-28. They were 222.5 the other day v. MILW at Staples...not much of adjustment. Today was in LA.

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Today's Laker total opened 215.5 and closed 210.

Final score: 104-86, Clippers.

The money was money, if you will.
Getting AD back in a week or two will help, but Lakers are going to be a defense reliant team rest of the way even with returning stars. If AD's return doesn't make them much better to the point where they can compete against good teams, I could see a scenario where the Lakers strategically shut it down and just say were too injured to make a run and would rather rest up to get it next season. LBJ being out until May has to be very concerning, they could fall to 8th or 9th and have play in games and an early meeting with the Jazz to deal with.
Good spot for LAL tonight. Toronto struggles in slower paced games. Lakers really need to win all the winnable games right now, they answered the bell in Sacramento we'll see if they follow through with a win tonight. Their next 10 games look tough, a good result would be to get 4 wins out of the 10. If they only win 1 or 2 they are going to be in 8th place.