Lakers win game 7 - Guaranteed!

No way the NBA lets the Lakers lose this game. They want a Kobe vs. Lebron finals. I do not know what the line will be yet, but I guarantee that the Lakers ML is a winner. GUARANTEED!

No need to bump this. I will bump it myself.

Kobe vs. Lebron = Guaranty

Go all in on Lakers ML for game 7.

Or not.
Re: Lakers win game 7 - Guaranteed!

It is a cinch.. Definitely will parlay it to something..

Lakers sure play awesome when they have too.


Verly isnt going anywhere
Re: Lakers win game 7 - Guaranteed!

Line is -12...this would be a massive upset. Don't think I could see that happening but would honestly love it.

Lebron vs Kobe is the match up the world wants for sure....would love to see the Rockets or Nugs rain on the parade.
Re: Lakers win game 7 - Guaranteed!

Lakers will win and not cover to screw the squares. So I will lose $400 because I will have Lakers and Orlando for the 1-1 best case. Wish Orlando was the first game I would hit for $400 and pass the lakers.
Re: Lakers win game 7 - Guaranteed!

Any bet you want to make Sunday, just parlay it with the Lakers ML. That way you get a bigger payout on your bet. Lakers ML is a sure thang. :cheers