Larry Grossman?


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Larry Grossman used to do a radio show in Las Vegas during the football season called You Can Bet On It. I was on the show a couple of times during the season. He also wrote a book called You Can Bet On It. And he also sold audio tapes of seminars. Just wondering if Larry is still with us, what he's doing. I couldn't really find any info on him. All I could find on Google was a composer named Larry Grossman. Thanks, if anybody knows where he is or what he's doing.

sam b.

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Lem Banker would come on at the end of the show and, at least once a year, tell the same joke about his degenerate gambler friend. "For his new year's resolution, he's going to forgive all outstanding gambling debts... and vice-versa." Or something like that. I kinda think it was a real person he was talking about.