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The "tunnel scam" when taking a taxi from the airport is well known, but there seems to be some confusion as to when it may actually be a good idea. Is it ever?
I say yes to make kickoff at the sportsbook!!!!
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I'm not sure how many people might know what the "tunnel scam" might be, but it's when you go to a strip property from the airport and the cabbie takes the tunnel to 215. This can add $3 to $6 to the fare. There are some times when the tunnel makes sense, however, hence the Q of Day.
It MIGHT be Ok on a Fri or Sat night if the Strip is absolutely jammed and traffic is back up on Tropicana and they are heading up a ways, the the 15 might be a better option. But evenm then you can head up past UNLV (Paradise I think) and miss some of it. I don't head down on the Strip if I can help it anyways.

But it would have to be pretty jammed. Not sure what the meter charge is per minute in traffic, but it might be borderline. But there are plenty of back strrets around there as well
I think it make sence when it's taking you to the first set of hotels from the airport (NewYork New York, Excallibur, MGM, Tropicana). No other reason to go that way. :+clueless

Midnite Owl
Ya maybe if there was a UNLV football or hoops game and the OUT OF TOWN :D fans clogged up Paradise, then maybe would be better to go around. Or if they had traffic blocked for the event, and it wasn't moving.
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Expert contributor Dale Day writes:

In most instances, it's common sense. If you're heading to places like Mandalay Bay, Luxor, New York-New York, or the MGM Grand, then going via the tunnel is simply ridiculous, unless there's an accident or construction delays on Tropicana.

Going to Green Valley Ranch or Lake Las Vegas, however, the tunnel is the only way to go. The same holds true for most casinos in the north and northwest of the valley -- unless there's a big tie-up at the Spaghetti Bowl.

If you don't know your way around or haven't heard a recent traffic report, then the only way to know for sure is to ask the driver and hope you have one who?ll give you the options and explain why. Feel free to show your appreciation in return. By state law a driver has to take fares the most direct way, unless he explains the options and lets the fare decide which way to go. Failure to do so can result in fines and even suspension for drivers who "long haul." I often fail to mention the fines because so many of you are soft-hearted and don't want to get the cabbie in trouble. Don't be! Every driver attends a class put on by the Taxicab Authority and the penalties for long-hauling are emphasized. We?re the first-line ambassadors of Las Vegas and every one of us who drives a taxi should do our best to make our guests welcome, which includes not ripping them off.