Law and order

Trumptards are attacking the DC police and the Capitol building is on lockdown after the mob stormed it

Diaper Don is loving this further exposing how full of shit him and his supporters are
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On January 20th Orange Clown should be arrested and charged with inciting a riot. Its a textbook case of it, all captured on video. He can then go running to the Russian Embassy and cry for asylum.
video is now being shown of the terrorists wandering around on the senate floor
Criminal trespassing after assaulting and committing battery against law enforcement. Unbelievable nearly half of the country sees absolutely nothing wrong with this. About the darkest day of our democracy ever.
Diaper Don will call these terrorists patriots and give them the Medal of Honor

I say it in jest but it’s not entirely out of the realm because he’s so mentally ill
Biden delivers a live message the scumbag POS delivers a message via is playing it with the microphone being held close to bret baier's computer....sad
It's another good day, too peaceful but you cant have everything.

I dont see what the bid deal is, this goes on every night in portland, no one cares about that do they?
Could you feel the strength of bidens speech, yea, he can really rally a crowd cant he? LOL

It's going to be a fun 3 months till kamalla takes over.


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Simple solution to stop these rioting anti-Americans, just bring in the national guard and shoot them all, we need to send a message this kind of lawlessness will not be tolerated, and then arrest and prosecute trump for inciting a riot
no matter how much whining or anything else the scumbag domestic terrorists try

Oval Office = Democrat control
Senate =Democrat control
House = Democrat control
Democracy = WINS
As much as we want this to happen you just know it will make him a martyr to all his dumbshit followers. They will say see it confirms the deep state and the violence will just get worse.

But he’s so far fucking gone it wouldn’t surprise anyone for him to try to start a war with Iran


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But he’s so far fucking gone it wouldn’t surprise anyone for him to try to start a war with Iran
Which is why he has to be gone today. He is a national security threat.

I do laugh at the BLM people saying if it were them, they would be shot. Well, the police rules were changed, they wanted a kinder and gentler police presence. Maybe we can defund more things while we're at it. These people said they were going to protest for 2-3 weeks, and we have seen how nuts they were in Lansing, so what gives here?
I'm just glad prosecuting small crimes is no longer a thing, nor is bail. Lets face it, the only violent act was committed by the police, other than that it was tresspassing and petty vandalism, as last summer showed, that's not a big deal.
luckily the 10 years doesn't apply to crisis actors

“I have authorized the Federal Government to arrest anyone who vandalizes or destroys any monument, statue or other such Federal property in the U.S. with up to 10 years in prison, per the Veteran’s Memorial Preservation Act, or such other laws that may be pertinent…..”
Stupid bimbo

Ivanka Trump calls rioters "patriots," then deletes tweet
Yes! Today they are all walking back the inciteful rhetoric they used yesterday. Don Jr now says "this isn't who we are". To little to late. These traitors need to be arrested immediately, but it won't happed until Biden becomes president!
I see they're sending a virtual army to DC after the fact - 8000 natl guardsman, etc, nothing like putting on a show now that the city is empty.