Legendz shuts down; Transferring all players and funds to Bookmaker

The Florida busts really hit Legendz hard. These guys just don't get it. They can't live in the country doing what they're doing.

Bookmaker stepping in.

More details coming...
Re: Legendz shuts down; Transferring all players and funds to Bookmaker

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Dear customers,
Due to recent events surrounding Legends Sports? gaming license being revoked in Panama, Legends has ceased accepting wagers at this time.
After careful consideration WagerWeb Sportsbook and Casino has agreed to give players from Legends a new home with their full balance intact. This is a huge undertaking, and as such we ask that players be patient and understanding as we accommodate every one of our new clients. WagerWeb will be assuming responsibility for all accounts both funded and non-funded. Wagerweb will be requiring all pass through accounts with a balance fulfill a maximum 10X (Rollover of their balance) before any funds can be withdrawn.
WagerWeb has agreed to assist Legends customers for the good of the industry, as well as the well being of all Legends customers. WagerWeb will be calling out to all Legends customers and will be providing Customer Service to ensure the transition to WagerWeb goes smoothly and without incident. Wagerweb has always been a Sportbook that caterers to the recreational player and as such will be upholding the terms and conditions WagerWeb currently has listed on the Website. All WagerWeb Terms and Conditions and/or Rules must be agreed to prior to any wager taken place. Please contact WagerWeb directly with any questions and concerns.
WagerWeb looks forward to providing you with a stable wagering environment, and outstanding Customer Service.



Though this e-mail is circulating, there is no reason to believe the wagerweb is the book Legendz is transferring balances and clientele.

I believe wagerweb is simply trying to pull a fast one to get deposits and players; similar to what americas bookie aka 1VICE did after the SBR (Bet Islands) scandal.

Bookmaker is one of the biggest markets.

It is likely that if anyone is going to step in it will indeed be Bookmaker.
Re: Legendz shuts down; Transferring all players and funds to Bookmaker

This is a big mess.

Anyone got a Legendz account? Apparently wagerweb is offering a 5x rollover on players accounts?

Is this considered a bail out? :HUH:

What the fuck happened with Bookmaker? They were supposed to see this through :shoot: