Less than 24 hrs and counting for Casey

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What "deal" did OJ get? OJ tried to get a book deal, but was eventually turned down because of the out-cry against it. People thinking this girl is going to become a millionaire aren't thinking straight. She's gonna have to pay back a ton of money, if she does get any, and the scrutiny a company will get for giving her a million dollars will be unmatched. Vivid (porn) already said they pulled their offer to her because of the outcry against her and hatred for her - this is a porn company who sells to tons of scum and people who don't care.

Nice to see CK and Wantit rooting for her to succeed though - I just hope neither of those retards have kids. If either one gets sick of the kid they'll just kill it and "wish each other the best." I mean after all, now that Casey got rid of that problem that was holding her life back we can all hope she succeeds.

225 years ago? 260 years ago we were holding trials to prove women were "witches." :houra I see what you're saying, we should learn a thing or two from them.

1 more thing... more people are against her than OJ? OJ couldn't eat in 99% of restaurants he tried to go to, and of the few that allowed him to eat there they put him in a room away from everyone else. OJ wasn't welcomed very well in public by anyone.
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I am not rooting for her to succeed as much as I am rooting for her to keep fucking over these so called experts and terrorists that spout stupid shit on TV (a news channel no less) 24 hours a day.

Ojs deal was his retirement fund which was untouchable. And quite a bit of money.

Sure it is sad a little girl is dead. but seriously little kids die every single day and under worse circumstances than were alleged here. but we never hear about them. My question is why? Hey if they want to bash every women that has a kid die by accident or on purpose then great bash away but to cherry pick one and make it a much bigger story than it really is is disgusting, and continuing to crucify the chick after she was aquitted is even more sickening.

it is almost like these guys play a game of 'who can we convict next'. Like it is a frigging game. Pretty sure there was a movie or a series that had the same premise but I am at a loss right now.

Yes the girl died....3 years ago. Just because people didnt get the answers they wanted they are now living 3 years in the past. The closure should have taken place along time ago, and only because these scumbags in the media keep exploiting her and brininging it up are peopel unable to let it go. that and many people are sadly deluded.

As for the deals, like I said she will get one and it will be for more than a million. Also doing porn? Seriously? NOT getting a porn offer is a bad thing? Shows how the retards (your word) think around here. Anyone that does pron in the first place is at rock bottom, and in case you missed it she is on top of the world right now. Also hef and playboy, a senile old man that exploits everyone ever thougt of is now growing a conscience, thats a laugh. truth s she doesnt need these side shows, she can get a legit deal from a legit network. I would imagine Oprah or Barbara Walters would be more than happy to do it. So why would she worry about deals with scum?

Peopel need to get over it. if you really want to help or really have a jones to make things better go look up a few websites and offer some time and money looking for actual kids that are only missing and not dead.

This whole thing reminds me of when the Shrink and his wife did what they did, a massive outcry and all sorts of things were said. banners and links to GA and suicide hotlines, and all sorts of special things to happen here. What do we have? A photo in the bottom right hand corner. No links to anything ever. not to Gamblers Anonymous, not to any suicide hotline. not to anything. Just a photo. But to be fair Jk didnt own the place then so it isnt his responsibility to do it, but he hasnt owned it for the duration and I am sure if the links and banners had been placed he surely wouldnt have taken them down. but that is just a close to home example of how people say and proffer statements and opinions because in the moemnt they sound like the 'right' think.

So in a few months when people have forgotten about it she will have her deals done and hermoeny made and then go on living her life. And it seriously wouldnt surprise me to see her in downtown LA by Christmas looking to start filming her new TV show. And a show that will more than likely get good ratings. Simply because there are just way too many people out there with no lives that watch this stupidity all the time. The same types that make Jerseylicious, swamp people, jersey shore and whatever other trainwreck show they have that follows nitwits around. Add that to the fact that HLN shows have 5 or 6 spots in the top 20 cable ratings (something they never ever do) and it shows how many people are consumed by this, and her. So trust me people will watch. Even if it is to bash it.
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Why do you bring up Shrink in every post? Why do you take 1000+ words to say nothing every single post? No point in reading your posts anymore - just take 10 minutes to read nothing.
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Just wonder how many Casey look alikes the news will be reporting across the states the next few weeks....(ck)
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New alert seems like Nancy Grace cant get enough of maybe a Casey sighting at the private port in orlando today......................lol ck
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CK, you rip all these media outlets for being obsessed with the case (and Nancy Grace) but you post about this shit everyday. You watch this shit everyday. You're as interested as they are - only difference is you want to know where Casey is so you can confess your love for her and make babies to kill.
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Nope you are wrong my friend , i have 14 small tvs in my office here and 1 when im in here is on hln, i dont like sports on every one, sorry that just me........ck
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Kinger i will be posting up some some pic of my london trip and i have several close up of Caroline i took and maybe i can post a few in here with all my junk and paper work, but yes i kept one on cnn and one on hln and one on the tv land and the rest on sports ck
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Timley you are so funny what does what you have in the way of your office look like, how many lcd or led etc or i will be good how many computer or computers are you playing with.
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Timey do you still jack off on a tv with rabbit ears , i bet it hard holding the rabbit ears and jacking off at the same time............................
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Ck, you're illiterate - what position of power could one possibly hold in which he doesn't have a grasp of basic English and basic grammar?
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Timley you are so funny and the people here in real life that know me are laughing at a online wantabe like you............
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You got to love all these female bitches on the tv channels so mad with Casey and all she may get in the form of money..........yes bitches not a damn thing you can do about it , so get over it...........ck
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Love the guy who hates that the media has over-hyped this, is the same idiot still talking about it and watching shows on it 2 weeks later. CK, how long have you been clinically retarded for?
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Nope, I would struggle being retarded. I agree with you there. Since you're retarded, do you wear your shoes on the wrong feet frequently? That would make it even harder to walk in your shoes I'd assume.
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Timley sorry i dont have time to get into a pissing match with you.YOU ARE A ONLINE POSTING NOBODY, people dont give a crap online about you and i doubt in real life it not much better.............online and real life people know the name carolinakid,.........ck
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Do you have someone hold your penis while you pee so you don't splash the entire bathroom or did you finally figure that out? I know it takes you "special ones" some time to figure out tasks such as that.

When you bag peoples groceries, would you rather give them paper or plastic? Do you talk like you write - illiterately?
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your statement are like a kid Timley and i really dont have a answer for a fool like you.move on and get over it.
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But i will say this you are very young in your writings for sure, do you still get your id check when you buy beer
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I'm young in my writings? How do "writings" show age? If I'm "young in my writings" does that mean that you're an infant or unable to learn? You can't even put one properly structured sentence together. Do you find it weird when others use grammar, and the correct words to write their sentences? Or did you just think everyone else was wrong...?
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remind me in a few months when im 1 row behind the carolina basketball bench watching a great game i will give you a finger and ask what the hell you are doing.............................ck
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It's nice of them to invite you there. Is like a "Make-a-Wish" program they do for you? Maybe you can become their "Radio" this season. That would be touching story. What player is sponsoring? Does he buy you ice cream? What's your favorite flavor?
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Ok buddy i will give you the last word here and so go for it as this is the last time i will respond to you here on the eog.i have seen guys like you go and come for many yrs and you are always the same, you are a wantabe onliners because dont think i have never heard it from guys before over the yrs.It sad and i know you think you are all that, but you not, so put me down again no problem here at all, but i have a real life something you act out online in your fantasy world.cheers.....ck