Let's Go Blackhawks.... NHL Playoff Thread

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would have to be more than that imo. det prices so far have been way too low. they should have been something like -2000 vs columbus (were really -400 i think?) and they should have been -500 or so vs the ducks.

i'd say they beat the hawks in a 7 game series about 80% of the time. not a knock on the hawks because they are a very good team with tons of young talent, but the wings were by far the best team in the nhl last year and they added one of the best players in the game.

detroit should be -180 to win the cup to be honest.
The Wings are the best team in hockey, and I've said that all year. The Hawks have a ton of confidence right now, and game 1 is going to be huge in that series. If Anaheim wins, the Hawks will have home ice and that would be huge. Either way, it'll be a great experience for the young Hawks to play the veteran Wings. It'll be like Jordan playing the Pistons every year, before he finally got over the hump....
Re: Let's Go Blackhawks.... NHL Playoff Thread

Detroit on the ropes! I've got tickets to Blackhawks home game 4....the only way im going is if they have home ice.....