"Live" Selections! ... Wed ... 9-24-08

Welcome To "Live" Selections!

I am happy to share my "LIVE" selections with you.
All of my plays are to be played to Win and/or Place only! (I post the Place Payoffs also)
However if you like to play Exotics these are Great Keys!
I am a Tote board Reader. I have designed my own program the operates in real time with Live Tote Feeds. I only use the Money to handicap.
I use nothing else to aid me in my handicapping whatsoever. I am a Volume Player, I play many races thru the day!
I will post the selections as soon as I can! This may vary from say 5 min to post to almost post time, so be ready!... as they are "Live"!
I will NEVER past post. Play at your own Risk!... Remember to Re-fresh your page right before post time if you do not see my selection !

I will be playing the following tracks today!

Most All ...

Tonights Tracks!.

Most All ...

Here is the information that will be posted with each selection!...

1) Track Name

2) Race Number

3) Horse Number #

4) The Post Time odds

I also from time to time will give an "UPDATE!" on all my plays and Profits/Losses and ROI as time permits between races.
All Profits & Losses will be based on a $2.00 per wager to Win, then you can just multiply it by whatever you like to wager per play!

Good Luck! & Let's have some Fun!

Ultimate Selector! 12io4j2w90
Re: "Live" Selections! ... Wed ... 9-24-08

Well it's been a couple of days since I have posted!

I had a function to go to over the weekend & then on Monday I had to go to the dentist & have 2 teeth pulled! 2348ji23e

Anyways I have been working on my patterns & Calcs also.

So I am ready to bust a move here on a Wild & Wet Whackeee Wednesday at the Races!

So hold on tight as we rocket out of the gate going Wire to Wire!

Best of Luck to Everyone today! :cheers
Re: "Live" Selections! ... Wed ... 9-24-08

Good luck today, hope the teeth pulling is over for awhile....
Hey Thanks Cheap Seats! ... Yeah meeee 222 I hope I don't go back for a long time, However I got my Vicodin to get me thru! :cheers :+textinb3

May your day be filled with Winners as well! 91023i2ndw;l