Looks like Kawhi is 10 points better than DeRozan


I Trade Therefore I Am
Interesting to note: Kawhi's Raptors were 58-24 during the regular season while DeMar's Raptors in the 2017-18 season were 59-23.

Against the spread, Kawhi's team was only 38-44 while DeMar's last squad was 44-38.

Point differential: Kawhi's team was +6.0; DeMar's team was 7.8.
Considering all this new information to me, I'll take Kawhi :)
The guy's a genetic freak, most athletes at his age are either retired or on their last legs, LeBron has shown a little slippage the past year or two, but he's still able to play at an extremely high level and probably has another few years left before father time catches him

father time caught up to him like every other basketball player that has lived. A lot of miles on those legs. Does not matter how many times he goes to the gym. He is no longer the best.