LSU vs. ASU, in Tempe

No explanation, but 5Dimes cancelled my wager today. I don't really have an argument, but I could give them a hard time about their wording, or lack thereof.

Plus, I was going to bet the other way with them as well and try to middle it. But no sportsbook or bookie I know, likes a middle shoved up their ass.

I was ran off once at WagerStreet for doing this type of thing a long time ago. Some said I was taking a shot at them. I look at it differently, but I do see their point.

Oh well. I thought I had a good thing going, but just like everything else in life, all good things must come to an end.



EOG Veteran
Chalkeater you were right. I cant believe the line went so low. I think they are figuring the storm into the equation even more than the change in location. I dont think ASU would be favored at ASU under normal conditions. I have to take LSU in this spot.