MAC games tonight time change


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I'm about 40 miles NE of Akron and we got about 6-7 inches of snow. But snow should be done by gametime. Akron's offense is dreadful under pristine conditions. But how many will they give up, with give up being the operative words. I did bet the WMU total under yesterday.


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Next time the N*SEC*AA tells us how much they care about "student athletes" we need to ask them why they allow games to be played on a Tuesday or Wednesday thus forcing the "student athletes" to miss as many classes as they do.

I understand why the MAC does it - great TV exposure - but if the N*SEC*AA cares about "student athletes" they wouldn't allow it
Well perhaps you should think it through. I realize it’s ‘in’ or cool to bash the NCAA but your beef should be with the MAC. You honestly think the NCAA wants a problem with every small conference for denying them an opportunity to showcase their product while earning some money for their members while permitting the majors every cash grab available. It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.


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These mac schools love these early week games gor recruiting. Only game on tv.

Winky is way wrong on this one.
If you're Eastern Mich or Toledo, do you want to play at noon on Saturday when Michigan is playing? If you live in Kalamazoo, chances are you are a Mich, MSU, or ND fan. Ohio St kills Ohio and Miami attendance. The weather usually sucks at these late season games, but they do get TV time that would never happen on a Saturday.

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The Bowling Green-Miami second half turned into a controlled scrimmage.

If you played OVER 21 in the second half, you may want to consider poker or the ponies.

Miami scored a third-quarter touchdown for the only points over the final 30 minutes of the game.


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Cant even go over with 40 1st half points.. That's absolutely incredible to me.
Total opened 50 and closed 47.5 so a lot of people were happy with how it ended. This game reminded me a lot of the Robin Ventura "Grand Slam Single" and all here know exactly what I am talking about in that game