Magic Johnson Stepping Down....

Magic actually did the Fakers a yuge ak solid. This is bad. Staying and completely blowing up the rooster would have been worse. At least they have a chance to get out of this mess. Unless they hire Lebron as a player-President!
We'll find out the details. My guess is nothing. Magic thought getting Lebron would mean an instant championship caliber team. No. Now he was faced with a task he knew he couldn't do and had no interest trying. Just said fuck it, I'm out.
The be best move at this point is to find somebody competent to run the organization, move Lebron to a ready contender and start over. No easy fix. Trying to make it work with Lebron is only going to continue the shit show and delay recovery. I never thought I'd see the Jason Day the Fakers became the Clippers.
I give Magic credit.. In this case, quitting was the right thing. Would have been selfish to stay and completely fuck the franchise. I don't blame him at all for this. He never should have been hired by that Jeanie bimbo. He did his be best and failed.


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Lakers need to follow the Clipper model.....Ballmer in a short period has figured it out. Kobe's contract, Magic and all
the other yes men set the team back a decade. It's going to be a long haul. Lebron can't get players for Space Jams 2
let alone the Lakers.
Nobody competent is going to want to take the job and have to kiss Lebron's ass. Lebron will not accept anybody who doesn't kiss his ass. So what I predict will happen is Jeanie will hire an ass kisser and Lebron will be making the decisions who the Fakers sign, trade and draft.
Lebron came to the Fakers yes because it's La la Land and all that side but also because he knew he would have control over Magic. Lebron thinks he can pull another Miami Heat and assemble a super team. That was Pat Riley.


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So Magic wanted to fire Pelinka and Walton and Jeannie said no.....explains a lot. Looks like Walton might survive after-all.
Magic wouldn't fire Walton and didn't want to trade the players he drafted. He wanted to build the Lakers and Lebron has no time to waste.
Just add Magic to the list as another person that wants nothing to do with Lebron.

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So Magic wanted to fire Pelinka and Walton and Jeannie said no.....explains a lot. Looks like Walton might survive after-all.

Phil Jackson supports Luke Walton.

And Jeanie still listens to Phil.

They must be talking to one another again.

Magic did not want to fire Walton. Magic didn't want to start trading the players he drafted.....

But we all know who wanted Walton fired and trade all the kids for a couple of worthless veterans...

Magic wasn't bowing down to Lebron wishes.


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Whether he wanted Walton gone or not is up for debate. No debate is Magic and former agent turned GM Pelinka could
not work together evident with Magic's tweet day after re Buss and Pelinka. I don't think Magic was going to quit right
before last game. His competitive juices started flowing after like Trump, he realized president of operations means nothing.


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He embarrassed himself yesterday on ESPN's 'First Take'........he went with the do you know who I am routine regarding
backstabbing rumors. Very rich for a guy who was hardly ever there and was reportedly upset he had to go to games
Sunday night which was originally wifey time.


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That was a very odd rant, Heim. He’ll get another job because of his name, but the pressure is on pelinka to get a FA in there.

I don't think anyone wants him. Most know he's a bad evaluator of talent. Look at the hodge podge of shit he put together this
year (including but not limited to drafting Lonzo). Jerry West he's not. JMO
I think buss hired riley to be a co-coach but at the press event westhead just stepped down... Either way riley knew his stuff. Helped the knicks move up but could not beat MJ.


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He stepped down from the Lakers because he was CC"d on an email between the GM and Jeanie Buss on how to get Magic to step down. Jeanie was in on getting Magic to step down.


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