Making an open parlay online?

Say I want to do a $20 15-team open parlay at 5dimes, BetOnline, do I go about doing it without calling in? Never done it before but I think I'd like to try with a bunch of college/NFL ML favorites over the next 3 weeks and then try and close it out the week before I head to Vegas.



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Re: Making an open parlay online?

5dimes is simple you just select it when selecting the parlay. Just click add _ open spots.

Bookmaker used to be less simple, but I think they've done something to make it easier.
Re: Making an open parlay online?

Weinke....can this be a moneyline parlay or does it have to be sides and totals? A moneyline one might be the way to go. $20 could be very very big!
Re: Making an open parlay online?

It can be anything.

It won't get outrageous, but I'm going to try to do a 25-teamer with mostly -500 to -1000 favorites and the occasional -200 maybe and see if I can't get lucky with a $10 to win $1000 25-teamer...