Matchbook is here! Anyone care to enlighten us...

About this new offering. Not under sportsbooks yet. Just any experiences, backing, business plan, future? Any and all input is appreciated.

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They're solid frog.. backed by WSEX I believe, I've played often, many scalps and pay in minutes. Just beware of the 2% comission and 2.9% deposit fees (deposit fees repaid in comission credits)
2% is not a gouge by any means. I can beat this place, I have zero doubts. Commission, reduced juice, bonuses. Better have something to offer these days. Very good info Santo. Have heard similar. WSEX has always been FROG friendly, except when they lean on the event is paused button. All of the Mansion hype has suddenly worn off. I never hopped there. But with WSEX affiliation and juicy albeit, limited opportunities, a can't pass. I think I took Brookie pretty good, she will fund Brookie is not as glamorous gagging up FROGS, but they made it within 48 hours so commitment met. All my new books honored bonuses advertised, but I will save that for an experience thread.

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I can't speak from a ton of experience (YET) there as I just posted up last night - but I really like the setup, and got a good line on a total for Thursday night.

Only thing they are missing is NHL Futures. Last night they had the best line for both sides in the Sd/Arz.

Good looking exchange
Volume will increase I would think, I will add my share. But I will keep my eye out for people with opinions there. Since you are unofficially or self appointed book reviewer, tell me what you know about loose lines/Jazz. Do not see many banners from them anywhere. When you find the time of course.

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A bit naive on exchanges myself. Am I to assume exchanges accept sides, totals and futures only?

Can you play "exotics" such as teasers, parlays, baseball run lines, etc?