Mike Pereira just said "NFL wants more holding penalties called"??

What a fing joke!!

No action on the game but that call on #75 had to be one of the strangest things I've ever witnessed.

I guess they need to fill a quota?

Wow, just wow.

I think way too many penalties are called already.

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I heard only the end of the discussion and later in the broadcast I think Troy Aikman was mocking Pereira for spouting such nonsense.

As for Aikman, he was praising Jacksonville quarterback Cody Kessler (for some unknown reason) and just when he finished talking about Kessler's future in the NFL, Jacksonville wide receiver Donte Moncrief had to act like a cornerback to break up a would-be interception by Tennessee defender Malcolm Butler.

Aikman bores me.

He hasn't taken an NFL snap in 18 years and it shows in just about every broadcast.


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Whatever happened to a rule book? A ball is a ball and a strike is a strike. The rules do not change based on the score-team-athlete and most importantly time of the game. The rules are the same for the first minute and the last minute!

Changing the rules is a once a year thing that everybody is informed about.

The NFL should encourage consistency. Accuracy in enforcing the rules. They are screwing with the American public! Is it too much to demand an honest effort on behalf of the officials?

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Everyone likes to bend the rules.

It's one thing when the participants don't follow the rules, but it's far more egregious when the adjudicators go rogue.

I never liked the virtually automatic strike call from baseball umpires on a 3-0 pitch.

As Bucky wrote, a ball is a ball and a strike is a strike.

Who's judging the judges?
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What gets me is the block in the back calls....seems to me that half of them are away from the play....

The NFL has already promised some rule changes on punts for next year...will be interesting what they will enforce....

Have to give the refs some credit....there is improvement from last year....