MLB books to buy and MLB websites to research

Some of my favorites:

Bill James 2019

Baseball Prospectus 2019 - seems like it is out late - Feb 28 on Amazon.
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Here's a good tip: Visit and listen to past panels from SABR Analytics Conferences (2012-18).

The past conferences are much less expensive (in fact, priceless) than attending this year's conference from March 8-10 priced at $545 before February 14 and $695 after February 14.
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The live 2019 version would be too much all at once for me to take in. It would be easier sending CB paying for it with a 2 week vacation & salary. Then all I got to do is ask him how did it go , break it down along with any good stuff I could use. I like MLB but I cannot win 2 games in a row.
People got Baseball Prospectus already.

Amazon says not till February 19th. they keep changing the date to get it quicker.
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Baseball prospectus was mauled yesterday from amazon. With all of the uncertainty in the FA market, I can only recommend the online sites.
I always buy the BP annual book but their yearly online subscription is fantastic and cheap.

Fangraphs is an exceptional daily web site to follow-I dont subscribe because most of their content is free

I'm going to try and be more active and hoping we all keep the daily MLB thread going here again this year. In the past we've excellent contributions/information sharing/analysis