MLB futures and props

I got in on Yankees under 96.5 yesterday through South Point

Severino has a bad shoulder

Tanaka has been pitching with an iffy elbow for 3 years now. Wouldn't be surprised at all if this is the year the ligament snaps and has the dreaded visit James Andrews

Paxton is a stud but rarely stays healthy

Corbin seemed a bit soft mentally at times in AZ. I think the big apple pressure has a chance to swallow him.

CC is an out of shape dinosaur but I give him credit for hanging around last few years more effectively than I thought he would

To hit 97 wins a team has to pretty have everything go right for them

The Yankees do have some nice arms down on the farm however if needed so that could possibly save them if my theories of the staff play out


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IMO, the Pirates and Diamondbacks are pretty similar in talent. But one plays in a very tough division and I got 78.5 and went under (Pirates). The other plays in a decidedly weak division, priced at a lower number, and was a horrible 20-31 in one run games despite finishing over .500. Going over 75.5 with Dbacks.


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i played these

wash ovr 88.5
minn ovr 83.5
houst ovr 96.5
cleve und 90.5
phil und 90.5
oak und 84.5

still looking at 3 others
not sure where these #s are currently


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I was looking at the SFG starting pitching and that outfield......can they win 73 games?
The division is down, which scares me off of going all-in on the under. I still think they break this up and salvage some future pieces. It’s the worst Giants team in a while.


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Goldschmidt at 28 1/2. The over has been getting hit but I'm not sure that's the right move. Like Bomzee said about Machado, St. Louis isn't exactly Chase Field. And while a humidor was installed during last season, the heavy bulk of Goldy's career has been under launching pad conditions. And 9-10 games per season in Coors didn't hurt, either.