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Kane would love to see a replay of the 1972 or 1990 Major League Baseball seasons.

The A's beat the Reds in seven games in the 1972 World Series and the Reds got the money 18 years later with a four-game sweep of the A's in the 1990 World Series.
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I'm only playing this because the odds seem way high to me, too much value to pass up. Vlad Guerrero to win AL MVP +8000


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Paddack has lots of talent, no question. And if there is a 2020 season, the shortened season will work to his advantage. But if no season, I question how many innings he will toss in 2021

2019: 141 innings
2018: 90 innings
2017: did not pitch
2016: 42 innings
2015: 45 innings