mon. preseason...

ytd:4-1 +580

Dallas/Seattle under 38 -108 X2 I am getting on this now because I have a feeling this will go down tomorrow. Parcells is trying to figure how much he wants to use the 3-4 and 4-3 defense so I think alot of starters play a significant amount of time. He also has problems on the line so might struggle on offense.

good luck

just cover
Dallas +3 -115 X3 I hate to play both side and total in just the 1 game on TV. I guess my gambling habit is taking over, but there is lots of talk of Henson playing alot to see if he is going to keep his backup job. So starters might go longer than normal with the fact the Cowboys offense had such a bad game against Arizona. 1 book that gives out %'s of bets made has Seattle at 66% of the bets and the number is staying at 3, although I don't know how valid the number can be- just some info. I am a little nervous on the under where I thought the number would go down yesterday it seems to be creeping up a bit at most places off the 37.5 and even 39 at 1 book(I won't mention the book since it is not a sponsor here).


The General said:
My Gut says under. Stats mean little to me. Brain says stay away. LOL

Hope you win em' both. Nice record.
My gut says General will follow gut and tell brain to shut the hell up.cocktail

The General

Another Day, Another Dollar
LOL. Good one Glaken. Maybe after a few cocktail , I will have a better opinion. Got crushed yesterday. Gotta be careful here.
No totals have been bet down. This one is no exception. Up to 40 now. Been a bunch of overs, especially in single games. Charger game last nite over in first half. Have to be careful of that movement. Plus this is same wild primetime matchup as last year, with improbable comeback and Seattle can score. Either way, good luck. Might make 42?

Best Wishes...OF:)