Mr. NFL Capping Software - Anyone Use? (First 8 Weeks FREE)

I have for six years now... Its awsome and FREE for the first 8 Weeks of the season !! Mr. NFL Website

MrNFL - 2005 version
  • Game Stats all the way back to 1983
  • Testing of multiple years at once.
  • Schedule for 2005/2006 already entered
  • Free weekly stats downloading
  • Free for the first 8 weeks of 2005
  • Download NOW!
I downloaded the Demo and instately fell in love (paid the registration fee at oncs). I am looking forward to exchange ideas for formulas.
Farbror, I will be glad to compare some formulas with ya ..... this is cool modine isn't it ?

I can't believe more people haven't heard of it .... it is invaluable for teasers. Plus just straight handicapping stats uploaded to your computer each Wedneasday.
Glaken said:
You guys should check this out .... I will keep you updated on the results from this program through out the season.
So will I!

BTW, I have a very simple web page where I post my picks, power ratings etc ifsomeone is interested.
farbror said:
what formula do you use? is there a line on that game?
Line is Hawaii +33

I wouldn't trust any prediction by any computer model on this game becuz the Hawaii offense and defense have both undergone tremedous changes and the data the program uses is from the previous 3 years.