Mr. Over/Under Week 6 Betting (36-24-3, 60%! +$521!!)

<strong>Record</strong>: 36-24-3, <strong><em>60%</em></strong> (<u>Over/Unders</u>: 8-4, Sides: 3-3-1, Teasers: 8-4, Props: 7-9-2, ML: 2-0, 2nd Half: 0-1, Live: 8-3)<br>
<strong>Amount</strong>: +$521<br>
(Parlays: 1-1, not reflected in my overall $$ amount)<br>
Very strong performance in Week 5, going a ridiculous 8-1-1 and making almost $500! And that doesn?t even include my victorious two-team ML parlay, which I will post the rare times I do one but I don?t count in my overall statistics. My only loss was a small Reggie Bush prop bet, but given all the success I had, that?s perfectly fine. It's been a wonderful season up to this point, and that's pretty fascinating to me considering the historic bad beats I've been on the wrong end of (Ex. The infamous Chiefs/Dolphins under from a few weeks ago when Andy Reid decided to run it in from ten yards out with 13 seconds left in a game that was well already decided; I've seen a lot of people call this the worst bad beat in the history of NFL totals, and rightfully so. That was a wrongful $200+ swing for me personally, remember)<br>
I don?t have any Thursday Night bets just yet; I?m just posting this here to get everyone revved up for what I have next, as this performance thus far has to be considered one of the better ones for any handicapper anywhere entering Week 6. Plus, I always end up posting a Thursday Night bet at the last minute, whenever I do one that is, at the end of the previous week?s thread, so I?m just getting the new thread up early in case I do indeed have some Thursday Night action.<br>
Can?t wait for the new week to start and hopefully I do have something for this Thursday Night game, which absolutely should be a lot closer than the other Thursday Night dreck that we?ve seen this season.<br>
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Re: Mr. Over/Under Week 6 Betting (36-24-3, 60%! +$521!!)

Well, as it turned out, nothing for this past Thursday but some pretty significant bets as far as today is concerned. Here’s the card as of now:

Brian Hartline O3? Catches (-140) - $154 to win $110
Analysis: My biggest bet of Week 6 surprisingly is a prop bet, and it’s very reminiscent, to me at least, of last week’s HUGE Owen Daniels Over 3 Catches bet. For that prop, I had great vibes about Daniels all week to have a very notable game, and he certainly did drawing seven or eight targets, en route to garnering five catches and 70 yards in a very competitive game. With this Brian Hartline bet, it’s a very similar setup. Hartline usually draws a good number of targets, and this home game versus Green Bay I believe will be a very competitive affair, meaning quarterback Ryan Tannehill has a solid performance, which would point to Hartline being involved considerably in keeping Miami in it - or even helping them pull out an upset. While Mike Wallace is the obvious more well-known entity, it is Hartline who always has the ability to surprise people with excellent hands and terrific route running, something that has always made him a favorite in the Dolphin passing game. As a result, I love this bet and it warrants heavy action despite the -140 tag.

Broncos -7 (-140; Bought ? P beginning of the week) @ Jets - $112 to win $80
Analysis: No analysis needed. More like common sense. I honestly laugh at the times Vegas tries to outsmart themselves and then end up failing miserably. This probably will be one of those times, considering where the Jets are trending (Towards the AFC cellar), how bad Geno Smith has been (Although I do think Michael Vick can be useful again if he’s not lazy in his preparation like last week), and most importantly, how consistent Peyton Manning, arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time, really is on a week-to-week basis. That’s ultimately what should carry this bet.

Cowboys +8? @ Seahawks - $44 to win $40
Analysis: I’m really starting to like this spread more and more. Why does Vegas underrate the Cowboys up to this point? It’s clear they’ve finally progressed into an elite team in 2014. They’re starting to win games and pull out close contests that they would usually lose in the recent past, and here, all they have to do is continue their terrific play -- which I think they will considering how confident they must be with how their season has gone thus far -- and hang in there against a Seattle team that might not be as intimidating as it used to be when working at home. I think the Cowboys even have the ability to win this game outright (+320 odds are definitely worth it, too), so since all they have to do is accomplish that or lose by one score to pull this one out, I’m definitely on them for today.

Giants @ Eagles -2? - $33 to win $30
Analysis: Both teams are hot, but the difference here is that the Eagles are the ones who have been consistently hot all season, whereas the Giants are only now starting to rise up from their laughably poor play in the very beginning of the season. Plus, the Eagles are at home. This could be a very close game, like most NFC East affairs are, and I think it will be Philadelphia who winds up on top. They’re for real this year and I don’t believe that about the Giants.

Cowboys/Seahawks O44 (-170; Bought 3 P) - $43 to win $25
Since I think this game can be close, I’m buying the maximum points allowed in case it ends 24-20. Even so, I think it can still cruise towards an over.

DEN +1?, JAC/TEN U55?, MIA +16?, DAL +21? - $65 to win $50

DEN +1?, CHI +16, DET +15?, DAL +21? - $52 to win $40

DEN +1?, JAC/TEN U55?, CHI +16, DAL +21? - $52 to win $40

DEN +1?, CHI +16, DAL +21?, NYG/PHI O36? - $39 to win $30

A lot riding on teasers today but I really think Dallas +21? is one of the best teaser possibilities we’ll get all year so I’m riding that in every one. You have to believe the same thing for Denver - just in what world could they possibly lose straight up to the laughingstock Jets? They’re as big a mess as the Raiders are right now. And then I have some other details mixed in with those two games so hopefully it’s a successful strategy.

Good luck to all. Will probably add a bit more action throughout the day so stay tuned for that.
Re: Mr. Over/Under Week 6 Betting (36-24-3, 60%! +$521!!)

Wow crazy day of games so far, arguably one of the craziest in recent memory. Looks like another considerably profitable day, too.
Re: Mr. Over/Under Week 6 Betting (36-24-3, 60%! +$521!!)

The dominant season continues.

7-2, +$122 for Week 6 thus far.

I'll let you guys know if I have any Monday Night action, but as of now, currently not sure what I'm going to do.
Re: Mr. Over/Under Week 6 Betting (36-24-3, 60%! +$521!!)

Just noticed I posted my two Monday Night LIVE bets in last week's thread by accident, although it didn't really affect much. They were:

49ers LIVE -9? - $102 to win $40 (WIN)
LIVE Under 45? - $44 to win $40 (LOSS)

So 1-1 with those bets, down a measly $4.

Overall for the week, of course, was 8-3 +$118. Another outstanding week dominating the books and well over 60% of the season. Is this one of the best handicapping performances of the year anywhere? I'd say so.
Re: Mr. Over/Under Week 6 Betting (36-24-3, 60%! +$521!!)

Unable to start my Week 7 thread just yet so putting my lone Thursday Night bet here:

Jets/Patriots 2nd Half Under 24.5 - $35 to win $30