Mr. Over/Under Week 8 Betting (48-30-3, 61.5%, +$525)

Record: 48-30-3, 61.5% (Over/Unders: 10-5, Sides: 6-3-1, Teasers: 11-6, Props: 8-10-2, ML: 2-0, 2nd Half: 2-2, Live: 9-4)
Amount: +$525
(Parlays: 1-1, not reflected in my overall $$ amount)

4-3 last week but down about $100 as a result of that wild Monday Night game so coming off a losing week despite a successful last Sunday. Won?t say anything more so here?s Week 8

Patriots/Bears O51 - $33 to win $30
Patriots have obviously been in sync tremendously since their blowout Monday Night loss to the Chiefs a handful of weeks ago. The Bears meanwhile are coming off a disappointing home loss to the Dolphins last week but that will only increase their sense of urgency on offense and as a result, I think we?ll get the good version of Jay Cutler today. That should help contribute to a higher-scoring affair.

Bills/Jets U41(Bought half-pt) - $30 to win $25
While I really, really, really like Bryce Brown and am happy he?s getting another opportunity (See: 2012 Eagles) after being inactive all year, the fact remains is he?s not even starting, as instead, that?ll be the inferior Anthony Dixon, although the latter did look pretty solid last week filling in. Nonetheless, the Jets have an elite rush defense and can keep Kyle Orton in check as well. On the other side, there?s Geno Smith and that underachieving Jets offense, which doesn?t have an easy matchup today going up against a respectable Bills defensive unit. As a result I?m going under.

Going to add more later, very tired after a long night so that?s why it?s posted this late. Sorry about that
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And Texans -3, just $24 to win $20. Smallest possible bet just because new Titans QB Mettenberger is a big unknown to face
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Well that's interesting. Two over/unders today so far and both bets appear to be decided at halftime lol one a win, one a loss.

This next bet has to do with one of those games, being a second half bet.

Bills/Jets 2nd Half U21? - $24 to win $20
Just a minimum bet since both defenses have the potential to force turnovers for good field position but I ultimately feel each offense will be more methodical in trying to produce their points, which will eat up clock. Being a much closer game now, it also may be harder to scratch out points, especially with both offenses not really being of the 'big play' variety.
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Well nice to meet you also lol

Pretty crazy and enjoyable day of games so far despite only being about even for the day but I'm amped right now that I literally took the lead in my main fantasy matchup against my friend/opponent on that Andre Holmes garbage time td with 13 seconds left and on third down. Crazy crazy stuff today.

Anyway this will probably be my final bet of Week 8 and it's in the form of a two-team/7-point teaser (Which are -130)

Packers/Saints O47?, Cowboys -2? - $59 to win $45
Analysis: I actually can't even remember the last time I did one of these but it does look promising, no? Packers/Saints in the Superdome is pretty self-explanatory so I don't really need to get into that, other than the fact that the Saints are coming off a very frustrating loss to the Lions (A game they really should've won on the road), but more important than anything, Green Bay is hot right now and in sync. That's always important. Secondly, speaking of hot teams, you have to like the Cowboys in this spot against a scrub QB, which is exactly what Colt McCoy is. Plus, it's a Monday Night home game for Dallas, who has been enjoying one of those breakthrough special seasons up to this point, so how can it possibly come to a screeching halt at home against a reeling Redskins team behind their third-string QB? Therefore, you have to capitalize on the Cowboys in such a spot while they're cruising like this and having fun.