Mr. Over/Under Week 9 Betting (50-33-3, 60.2%, +$462)

Record: 50-33-3, 60.2% (Over/Unders: 11-6, Sides: 7-3-1, Teasers: 11-7, Props: 8-10-2, ML: 2-0, 2nd Half: 2-3, Live: 9-4)
Amount: +$462
(Parlays: 1-1, not reflected in my overall $$ amount or record)

A light slate for me last week as I only went 2-3, although it would?ve been 3-2 if not for thanks to Colt freakin? McCoy blowing my biggest bet on Week 8 on the road for the hapless Redskins, as I simply needed a Cowboys victory on Monday Night against a third-string QB -- as 10-point favorites! -- to finish off a teaser and I couldn?t even get that. Oh well. I don?t have much so far this week, with Week 9 looking fairly tough (And less games to choose from than usual), but I do believe it is a very good weak for teasers (Ex. Seahawks ML vs Oakland should be in everyone, of course. SD +16 is also a good option for what should be a close game) so that will be one of my concentrations this week. Here?s Week 9

Jets +10 (Bought 1? P) @ Chiefs - $35 to win $25
Analysis: Yes, you read right. Yes, I am actually betting the laughingstock Jets, let alone on the road, against a solid underrated contender like the Chiefs. Here?s why: I actually think this is a good spot for the Jets. Think about it, they have absolutely nothing to lose at this point, currently mired in a seven game losing streak, and they have fresh energy under center with Michael Vick taking over at the helm for the time being, and with a full week of practice and a rejuvenated mindset, I really believe Vick can have his vintage moments in this game, which, dare I say it, actually could propel them to an upset victory (I?m actually still debating whether or not I want to take them ML also at +350). The Jets? supporting cast on offense really isn?t bad, with Chris Ivory providing a plus rush attack over the past several weeks, and the wide receiver corps aren?t as brutal as people peg them to be on a weekly basis. Vick is such a unique QB that perhaps, also, the Chiefs might be expecting too much, which could open up everything else if they?re so willing to guard against his running ability. The Chiefs, as mentioned, are solid and certainly in the playoff picture, but they?re a club that doesn?t really blow people away, and with nothing to lose, the Jets can be as aggressive as they want in keeping this game close. But at the end of the day, it boils down to what we get from Michael Vick. I think we can see vintage Vick this afternoon at Arrowhead.

Vikings/Redskins O43 (Bought ? P) - $30 to win $25
Analysis: Eh, a risky over/under bet for the fact that Robert Griffin III is making his return after being out several weeks, which always brings up the possibility of rust. But, with all that time off, RG3 might actually reinvigorate his overall game, and if he?s refreshed, that might actually boost his performance. He had a good game against the Vikings last year on Thursday Night Football, and since Minnesota still possesses the same lackluster defense, it could lead to a nice day for the Washington offense, as they certainly have their fair share of potent weapons. The Vikings, meanwhile, have an offense that could be getting going as well, after the long-awaited breakout last week from Cordarrelle Patteson, not to mention the underrated skills of RB Jerrick McKinnon. Not a big bet or anything but one I would like some action on.

SEA ML, SD +16, NYJ +21?, PIT +14 - $65 to win $50
Analysis: I never like taking the Jets in one of those 4-team/13-point teasers because they get blown out as much as anyone in a season where they?re bad like this. But I already provided my analysis above on how they actually might win straight-up as 9-point underdogs, which merits them getting into at least one of my teasers this week. Seattle beating winless Oakland at home is a no-brainer, and the Chargers hanging in there against the Dolphins to lose by two TDs or less is also closely up there as well. So that means we just need a close game between Pittsburgh and Baltimore, which seems to be a given whenever these two rivals meet, or Pittsburgh simply to lose by less than two touchdowns, which makes them a legitimate option to finish off this teaser.

SEA ML, SD +16, CIN +1?, PIT +14 - $39 to win $30
Analysis: Pretty much the same as above, except with the Bengals involved. All they have to do is beat lowly Jacksonville at home, and with AJ Green back, that should restore their offense back to a higher level of play. Plus, the Jags are coming off a decisive loss to in-state rival Miami, which halts their momentum from getting their first win the week prior.

SEA ML, SD +16, CIN +1?, DEN/NE O37? - $26 to win $20
Analysis: Getting one other new game in here for a minimum teaser bet. I don?t really need to go into why Denver and New England will can be relatively high scoring, as Manning vs Brady matchups usually are, like last year?s memorable AFC Championship game. For those two QBs to get to 38 and beyond, it takes the littlest of effort.

Cordarrelle Patterson O43? Rec Yards - $25 to win $20
Analysis: Minimum bet because the Vikings? pass game is a little unstable, but regardless, you have to be encouraged by what Cordarrelle Patterson displayed last week in his first monster game of the season. He was pegged with huge expectations coming into the season after the promise he showed last year, and as a result, I think Teddy Bridgewater goes his way more consistently now after Patterson re-solidified himself as a potentially dangerous weapon. The number is so low that it?s worth a bet, in my opinion.

As always, will most likely pile on another couple of bets throughout the day or more. Good luck to everyone on their action today. Can?t believe it?s Week 9 and November already? What happened to the summer?
Re: Mr. Over/Under Week 9 Betting (50-33-3, 60.2%, +$462)

Well looks I have to hedge a bit with the Chargers in my teasers. Taking Dolphins Live -20, $36 to win $30... hopefully it doesn't finish inbetween.
Re: Mr. Over/Under Week 9 Betting (50-33-3, 60.2%, +$462)

Ouch. Chargers knock off all my teasers but that's the chance you take with those.

Anyway here's what will probably be my biggest bet of Week 9:

Kenny Britt O3 Receptions - $104 to win $80
Analysis: For me personally, this bet lines up beautifully. One, coming into the season, I tabbed Kenny Britt as one of my top five sleepers in all of football (Although that projection was made assuming Sam Bradford would be under center), and while that quite hasn't panned out as anticipated, he has shown shades of breaking out. Two, the reason for him potentially breaking out is because No. 1 WR Brian Quick is out for the year, allowing Britt to slide in as the new lead wide-out, and if the Rams are playing from behind all game on the road in SF as most expect, then that only helps Britt's cause.
Re: Mr. Over/Under Week 9 Betting (50-33-3, 60.2%, +$462)

Going to take another in that Oakland/Seattle game:

Raiders/Seahawks 2nd Half Over 20? - $28 to win $25

That means I need final score to add up to over 47?, and since I also have live over 50, I want to grab this one as well.
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Zylbert, what kind of stunt did you pull over at VegasInsider? You ran your mouth more than anyone I've ever seen, and now here you are. Talking to your fucking self and out of a tout job?

Re: Mr. Over/Under Week 9 Betting (50-33-3, 60.2%, +$462)

Again, not sure what you're talking about. If I was a tout why would I post on a public forum?

I do this as a hobby and I love football. And I love talking about football

My Week 10 stuff will be posted soon for those interested, btw
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tout or not ...who cares....your posting winners in public for free.....keep up the good work o/u.....alot of haters out there