Multi Man 26th november-2nd december

alrite ladies and gents this is wat the multi man is comin at u with
24-17 record +5.01 units
and these r my plays for nba monday
3 units golden st suns over 228.5...this is a very gettable total for both of these 2 teams....they reached something like 270 last season and really would love 2 c it again
2 units on dallas washington over 209.5....this dallas team has had some really great games and some really poor games this season...hoping for the great game and washington to go with them and send this total towards the 220 mark also
good luck every1...with pending plays i hope 2 boost my unit total rite up!!!
Re: Multi Man 26th november-2nd december

I'm already looking at the suns game Multi and agree with you, will most likely play it . They should have a 70 point quarter and one 60 point quarter. The other two only need to be 50 point quarters which is normal for teams like these against poor offensive teams let alone two gunners like themselves..
Re: Multi Man 26th november-2nd december

so close in the wiz easy in the golden st game....missed the total in the wiz game by a bucket that hurts
got the bigger play 2 happen though still with a profit from 2day
takes me now to +5.56 units and a record of 25-18
seen a few things that i like already 4 2morow but i will play it when i feel completely comfortable with things
thanks guys!!!!
Re: Multi Man 26th november-2nd december

thanks dirty will do so hehehe
here r my opening plays for nba tuesday
2 units on milwaukee -7.5...playin well at home and playing a poor team like philly should put them away early and continue on their winning ways...philly love 2 stick around but dont think 2morow they can match up with a hot home team like the bucks
2 units on lakers sonics over 216.5....kobe v .....wally??? thats rite wally s (2 hard 2 spell hahaha) had a break out game against the spurs and hoping he can do that again here 2 help this game go overs with durant and kobe chipping in very nicely also
final play of the day will be another 2 unit play bulls on the moneyline..1.43...not gonna be much of a profit but really cant c them losing...coming bak home they will be desperate 2 stay in touch with the rest of the league....and bak at full strength should have no excuses!!!
good luck guys!!
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1-2 2day wasnt a good 1 2day
still have +2.42 units but its goin down and i aint happy bout that
record now 26-20
nba wednesday plays r as follows
1 unit on philly +7.5....i know utah gonna b fuming bout losing that one 2 new york...but philly had a really good win 2day in milwaukee so im hoping they continue that 2morow
2 units suns rockets over 205.5....houston need 2 get it 2gether offensively...there can be some games where they will put up 100+ and others where they barely reach 90...need the higher scoring houston 2 go with a suns team probably a bit annoyed they got beat in a shoot out against golden state
2 units golden state sacramento over 220....sacramento have made the arco a fortress again this season and have been scoring at will....cant c this game being any different
thanks guys good luck
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Considering Philly actually played well today and HAD their good game don't you think they might be a let down against a well oiled team like the Jazz looking to have a big one after going down against NY? I'm actually leaning towards the Jazz here, haven't made a decision on whether I'll be playing them.

Not criticising or anything, just having some healthy discussion. What you think?

I love the overs in Rockets game and should be playing it. Phoenix should push Rockets and players like James and Francis should have 15 each while Ming and McGrady should have 25-30 each.
Re: Multi Man 26th november-2nd december

i see where ur going with the utah play which is why its only a smaller play on philly....having said that with korver back in the line up he does stretch the d out a bit...this is a young team u never know wats gonna happen in a game like this...ill give them a chance and hopefully they get it done
good luck on ur plays!
Re: Multi Man 26th november-2nd december

0-3 dont think that has ever happened!!!
record of 26-23 now heading into thursdays games with -2.58 units
heres wat im playing for the games 2morow
2 units golden st houston overs 208.5....whos stopping yao?? whos stopping b diddy?? closed case
3 units on lakers denver 216.5...kobe guards the best player on each team meaning one will always b free...melo or iverson gonna have a big game and kobe always chippin in
best of luck every1 hopefully 2days games bring us some money!!!
Re: Multi Man 26th november-2nd december

houston game has 207!! man that burns so bad
1-1 day 2day now with a 27-24 record
went into 2day with -7.58 units with plays pending with the bigger out of the 2 getting up
now i have -2.03 units which is a bit of a profit but could have been a lot better!!!
Re: Multi Man 26th november-2nd december

big day 2morow its nba friday here we go
3 units boston -3.5 @ miami...2 much class...wat nba team wins by 50 lol
2 units indiana money line 1.70...playin really well at the moment and the sonics r in all sorts...could be close but i just think they r playing with 2 much confidence
thats it for now see if we can work any more out thanks guys
Re: Multi Man 26th november-2nd december

once again got the bigger play 2 happen which is always gold
would have prefered both but another 1-1 day takes me to 28-25
takes my units total to -1.46 getting towards that + zone which would always be handy
2 units toronto moneyline 1.80 to beat washington
2 units kings rockets over 192.5
Re: Multi Man 26th november-2nd december

another 1-1 day 2day...toronto play was a bit risky...knew it would be tight and butler had a good enough game 2 pull it out for them
houston overs was a special 2day way 2 low that total
takes my units total to a loss 2day now at -1.76...have 2 be better than this and hoping that the coming week will be a good one
record now stands at 29-26...
Re: Multi Man 26th november-2nd december

lol must've been someone else. We won tonight and thats all that matters. We played like freaks in that first half.

Also gonna hit GS tomorrow but i think i'll take dallas @ chicago. Dallas should be able to take care of em. We'll see. Still pondering